Music Committee

Our committee is responsible to take care of the instruments in the building, oversee the music programs of the church, and supervise the music budget with the music director.

We presently own a Baldwin Concert Grand in the sanctuary, and 4 other pianos, two electronic keyboards, an Alan Digital Organ, and a 3-octave set of Handbells, as well as our piece de resistance, the Casavant Frères Pipe Organ.

Our music programs centre around the organ most of the time, and include performances by our Senior Choir, Aura Choir, Bieble Choral group, Equinox Band, and Campanilla Handbells, as well as some soloists, instrumental selections, and guest instrumentalists and choirs from time to time.

Our budget, sometimes augmented by special donations, stretches to include instrument maintenance, purchase of music and supplies, and payment for professional musicians’ services.

The committee presently consists of the Music Director (non-voting) a Chair, and four other members. We could use another couple of members if anyone is interested in this work.

Recently we have had many wonderful performances by our Senior Choir every Sunday, and on Palm Sunday we included the Aura, Handbells, and tympani, and on Easter Sunday we included professional Brass, Aura, and tympani, and all got to join in singing the Hallelujah Chorus. There will be a different kind of special music coming up for our Taize Service next Sunday.

While our music is wonderful and very moving, we have asked the congregation to please refrain from clapping for musical performances, as it does interrupt the flow of the worship experience for many people, and the musicians consider themselves to be contributing to the worship experience, not performing for a secular audience looking for applause.

We are also now coordinating our activities with the Music Visioning Committee, on which three of us sit, looking toward the appointment of a new Music Director by next September that will take Knox Music to new heights.

At our recent meeting we learned that our former organist/choir director, Frank McKitrick has donated his personal professional library, sheet music, and all his compositions to Knox. We have written a thank you letter to him, and will stamp all his library books with recognition of his donation. We are very grateful for this gracious gesture.

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