Do you want to learn about the United Church of Canada beyond Knox? Become a presbyter and widen your horizons, your knowledge, and your inspiration.

A Presbyter represents his/her congregation at meetings of Calgary Presbytery, which consists of ministers and lay delegates from each United Church within Calgary.  There are about nine meetings a year, held at different churches on a rotating basis.  As presbyter I visit other churches, see their settings and resources, hear their music, and learn a little about each church in the city.  I discover what other churches are doing, their problems and possibilities.  I am excited to discover new programs and initiatives, and glad to share news from other churches.

The meetings are not onerous.  They start with a short worship service, then move to general business.  These plenary sessions usually feature a presentation from one church or one initiative. We have a break for refreshments and mingling before going to the commission meetings. The second half of the meeting is spent in Commission meetings.  Four commissions meet to discuss particular aspects of the church: Local and Global Outreach, Congregational Support, Personnel Support, and Planning  & Administration.  Each presbyter chooses which of these four ministries s/he will attend.  The meetings end at 9:00 p.m. or shortly thereafter, depending on the amount of business conducted.

A Presbyter is automatically a member of her/his church board or council.  This entails another monthly meeting.  At Knox the Presbyter attends Presbytery the third Tuesday of each month, then the next evening attends the Knox Board meeting.   This time crunch means that presbytery reports to the board are usually oral, or if written, submitted for the following month.

A Presbyter can become as involved with presbytery functions as s/he wishes.  There are volunteer roles on the commissions, and on the executive, some held by lay people.  Mardy Roberts, a former Presbyter here, served as chair of the Local and Global Outreach Ministry as well as several years prior as a member.

If this volunteer opportunity interests you, please contact Presbytery through the Knox United office here. You won’t be on your own.  You will join another Knox Presbyter who will act as your mentor.

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