Knox United church operates in a fiscally responsible manner and its work is dependent on contributions of time and talents as well as financial donations to ensure our staff is paid and the building is well maintained.

Stewardship for members and adherents of Knox is a life-long commitment and is central to the operations and mission of the church.

The Stewardship Committee consists of a chairperson and up to five members who normally meet monthly (except for July and August). Its function is to:

  • determine a stewardship plan for Financial Campaigns
  • follow up with members and adherents who have not donated
  • make available resources for financial contributions
  • maintain contact addresses for all donors
  • develop volunteer needs with input from other committees at Knox.

Committee membership is the most direct way for one to become familiar with the mission of Knox and involved in the planning for its future.

There are always stewardship packages at the entrance to the church that explain both volunteer needs and financial goals for the year.  We encourage you to pick one up.

We count on all people who attend Knox to be active in some regard in their personal stewardship.

If you would like to know more about this team, please contact us through the Knox United church office.

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